Small Warp Dot Scarf


The Small Warp Dot Scarf is our first pocket square. But it’s not just a pocket square. It has the perfect size for tying around a ponytail or the handle of your bag. It’s made from a soft and light silk, making it look perfect in a jacket pocket where it wont bulge.

The inspiration for this print came mainly from late 18th century french printed fabrics. It was very popular in this periode to create designs with stripes, where there would be printed flowers in between the stripes. While looking at our own archive of antique fabrics, we thought it would be fun to replace the flowers with a small graphic chevron, which came from a middle-eastern fabric swatch we had. So while the print feels french, it's actually a combination of those two styles.

- 100% light silk twill fabric
- 33x33cm
- Dry-clean only
- Comes in a beautiful white box and a biodegradable bag

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