Puffer Beige Scarf

€87,50 €175

The Puffer Beige Scarf is something completely new for Tapis Noir. It consists of 2 layers of thick silk with a padding in between.
It has a slit at one end, that you can pull the other end through to tie it. It's very easy to tie and wear.

It has 2 different french prints on it. Both are from the 1800's in beige tones. One is a flowery print and the other is more graphical with wavy stripes.

- 2 layers of thick 100% silk with padding
- 113x31cm
- dryclean only
- comes in a beautiful Tapis Noir dustbag

Color: Floral




Founded in Denmark in 2020 by Mads Lehn Kruse, Tapis Noir brings together Lehn Kruse’s understanding and experience as an art director with his personal interest in interiors and antique textiles. A collector of rare fabric documents, he rearticulates their faded splendour for today, digitally translating woven textures, rich tapestries and old wall panel techniques into beautiful silk alongside his own warp prints.


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